Corporate Workshops at our Chocolate Studio.

Team building, company social or staff reward? Davenport's Chocolates can offer a most delicious and unique team building experience.

Step inside our artisan chocolate factory and you and your colleagues can be guided through a number of exciting processes in the making of handcrafted artisan chocolates! An enjoyable, social environment, with exercises which promote effective communication, require good teamwork and group role evaluation.

When working with chocolate, many of the processes involved require a certain tempo to be maintained throughout. This often necessitates keen group work, with everyone working concurrently towards a common aim. We offer these processes as relaxed and informal activities which have excellent cross transferable skills to your work environment.

After a fun and worth while day inside a real chocolate factory, we hope you and your guests will leave feeling refreshed and inspired. They will, of course, return home with some of their creations in hand!

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