Vintage Collection.
British classics

...our NEW flagship collection rediscovers favourite chocolate memories from the past. Twelve nostalgic flavours are brought back to life by sophisticated artisan recipes. From lime creams or coconut marshmallows to raspberry jellies and peanut caramels...

  • Stem Ginger

    Succulent, crystallised pieces of the finest stem ginger, in a double enrobing of rich, dark chocolate.

  • Orange Cream

    Milk chocolate, perfectly balanced with a sweet fondant centre capturing the fresh tang of Seville oranges.

  • Caramel

    Unashamedly simple. A classically rich & chewy organic butter caramel enrobed in dark chocolate.

  • Coconut Marshmallow

    A soft, fluffy marshmallow with lashings of toasted coconut. Enrobed in smooth milk chocolate.

  • Coffee Cream

    This will split the crowd: love or hate it, we couldn't leave the coffee cream out of this nostalgic collection.

  • Strawberry & Champagne

    A milk chocolate ganache which marries the summer taste of strawberries & Marc de Champagne.

  • Raspberry Jelly

    Crisp dark chocolate gives way to a meltingly soft fruit jelly that evokes the taste of freshly picked raspberries.

  • Salted Peanut Caramel

    A soft, chewy caramel, full of roasted peanuts with a touch of Maldon sea salt, wrapped in
    milk chocolate.

  • Parma Violet Cream

    A sweet scented perfume that evokes fond, childhood memories of the delicate parma
    violet flower.

  • Vanilla Fudge

    Organic butter, dairy cream & real vanilla are blended to create this traditional, soft,
    buttery fudge.

  • Lime Cream

    Dark chocolate envelops a meltingly soft sugar fondant which beautifully carries the sharp, zingy taste
    of lime.

  • Rum & Raisin Truffle

    A dark chocolate ganache truffle dotted with rum-soaked
    raisins and more than just a tipple of rum.

...the vintage collection is specially presented in beautiful gift boxes decorated with our own damask pattern. Evoking memories of luxurious flocked wall paper from a glamourous age; each and every box is hand ribboned with the same care we have for our chocolates...

Vintage Collection

Vintage Collection

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