...deliciously sweet, honey infused, creamy milk chocolate buttons sit along side subtly spiced, mellow dark chocolate buttons. Sweet and spice and all things nice...

Nectar & Spice
& Cinnamon

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...buttonettes are a sophisticated take on an old fashioned favourite. In our stylish gift tubes they are perfect for so many occasions...

Serving suggestions:

  • Simply serve on an elegant plate as a accompaniment to after dinner coffees.

  • Stir a few into a hot chocolate for a nectar-sweet touch.

  • Add some gentle spice to muffins or chocolate chip cookies.

  • Or just keep them handy, and nibble as required for a quick chocolate 'hit'!.

...tiny droplets of milk chocolate infused with the sweet nectar of honey, accompanied by dark chocolate blended with the rich spice of cinnamon bark...

Honey Buttonettes

Honey & Cinnamon Buttonettes

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