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Products PURELY featuring jelly centre.

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...a mature port and a refreshing dash of lemon have a wonderful purity of flavour in these sophisticated jellies...

Gift Tube x3
360g (120g x3)
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EAN: 5 060309 261958

Gift Tube
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EAN: 5 060309 261903

Products also CONTAINING jelly centre.

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...our NEW flagship collection rediscovers vintage British classics. Twelve nostalgic flavours are brought back to life by sophisticated artisan recipes...

Large Gift Box
290g x24 Chocolates
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EAN: 5 060309 260029

Gift Box
145g x12 Chocolates
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EAN: 5 060309 260012

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...grab a variety of treats (and a bargain!) with our gift tube trio pack. Port and lemon jellies, dark chocolates Orangettes, dark chocolate gingers...

Gift Tubes x3
300g (total)
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EAN: 5 060309 262221

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