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...a beautiful collection of artisan truffles; Ginger & Lemongrass, Dark Berries, Chocolate Orange, Creme Caramel, Honey Spice, Artisan Praline. A celebration of festive flavours...

Lrg. Gift Box
300g 24 choc/box
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EAN: 5 060309 260326

Sml. Gift Box
150g 12choc/box
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EAN: 5 060309 260319

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A milk chocolate Easter egg filled with creamy toffees with a childhood twist of cinnamon and apple, enrobed in milk chocolate and finished with a pearlescent copper drop of white chocolate.

Easter Egg Large
350g 9choc/egg
Large Easter Egg

EAN: 5 060309 260418

Easter Egg
220g 5chocs/egg
Medium Easter Egg

EAN: 5 060309 260401

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...tiny droplets of milk chocolate infused with the sweet nectar of honey, and dark chocolate blended with the rich spice of cinnamon bark...

Gift Tube x3
390g (130g x3)
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EAN: 5 060309 261859

Gift Tube
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EAN: 5 060309 261804

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