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Mahoosive Easter eggs – How do you make yours?

By: Michael Williams in how to..., our story

Huge in-store promotional Easter Eggs for E. H. Booths Ltd. We all love our jobs at Davenport’s Chocolates – the smell of chocolate that greets you as you get to work, sampling the freshest of chocolates off the enrober and generally working as a team in our little artisan chocolate factory. But even then, some […]


Raspberries & Roses: A Roulade Recipe for Summer

By: Jane Williams in how to..., recipes

Every June, a pink climbing rose grows up the side of my parent’s house in Marlow. During my teenage years, I would particularly remember the raspberry scent of these ‘Albertine’ roses as I walked down the side of the house into the garden. For me, it is evocative of summer parties in the garden, Marlow […]


How to Make: Chilli Hot Chocolate

By: Jane Williams in how to..., recipes

Hot Chocolate is one of my favourite things to make when the chilly weather draws in. As time has gone by, my hot chocolate has developed in strength and spice, and I thought I would share my latest Chilli inspired version with you. This hot chocolate is so rich (and so full of chocolate) that […]


Temperamental Chocolate: The Art of Tempering

By: Jane Williams in how to..., technical

I started to make chocolates at home when I was about 8. To my shame, my first endeavours were with ‘cooking chocolate’; a very stable and easy medium to work with – mostly because it’s not really chocolate. It contains vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter, and still tastes a bit chocolatey but the texture is rough and […]

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