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It’s Our Birthday! 10 Factory Facts

By: Bridget Hamilton in our story

Chocolate Birthday Cake


1.  Davenport is Head Chocolatier Jane Williams’ maiden name

It was Jane Davenport who dreamt of starting her very own chocolate factory all those years ago… and despite being happily married, we all agree that ‘Williams’ Chocolates’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

2. This is what our boxes used to look like…

Before creating our famous green boxes, Davenport’s Chocolates came in a much simpler white box with a brown ribbon and tag. They still looked lovely, but weren’t a patch on what we have now!


3. All of our packaging is designed in house

From labels to lids, co-founder and chief designer Michael Williams owns the creative brain behind all of our eye-catching and innovative packaging. He works tirelessly to keep every chocolate safe on its way to the customer, whilst adding little touches to each collection, from a flock wallpaper design on our Vintage boxes to glossy flower print on the Floral ones.

4. We enrobe our chocolates in the Swiss way

Jane trained under Swiss master chocolatier Philipe Berger, who taught her the traditional methods that still underpin all of Davenport’s recipes and skills. Generally speaking, Swiss chocolates are made by enrobing centres while Belgian chocolates are typically hollow shells filled with different flavours. Of course, there are overlaps between the two – Swiss chocolatier Lindt, for instance, fill hollow shells with gorgeous praline.

5. Our signature Raspberry and Rose truffles were inspired by a bouquet of roses

Jane was once overwhelmed by the beauty of some roses in her parents’ garden – and could have sworn she smelt raspberries among the rose notes. Thus, one of our most famous and much-loved flavours was born.


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6. There’s another chocolate factory next door

A little-known fact about us, but the lovely chocolatiers Essy and Bella live just next door to our factory. Ever needed to buy dairy-free or vegan chocolates? Definitely check them out!

7. Big G used to be a dry stone waller

He was drafted in to help with renovations and hasn’t left yet. Check him out on our Team Chocolate page.

8. We have our own factory Chaplain

Well, this one’s not true. But Michael’s dad is a retired vicar, who often visits (with wife Julie) and makes a very decent cup of tea.

9. Our youngest employee is 2

You can find out about Ethan and his adventures in the ‘tocktee factee’ here.

10. Since September 2012 we have made 1000 recipes

At the time of writing, our log book – where we marked all of our ingredients – is at batch number 993. Each full batch makes around 420 chocolates, meaning we have enrobed, decorated and eaten a whopping 417,060 chocolates in the last three years!


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