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A Very Foodie Christmas

By: Bridget Hamilton in Food and Drink

Many of us bemoan the rows of stocking fillers that fill our supermarket shelves in May, but when Christmas really does roll around it’s hard not to be excited by it. Even the biggest Scrooge can be won over by Christmas food – be it a slice of chocolate log or a pig in a blanket, and to celebrate what truly is one of the best aspects of the season, we’ve taken a look at what’s eaten across the globe.


In Malta in the central Mediterranean, Imbuljuta tal-Qastan is a hot chestnut and cocoa soup often served as a night cap during the month of December. It is particularly popular on New Year’s Eve and after midnight mass, and is so easy that even these children can make it.


Whilst even duck or goose may seem a step too far for some traditional Brits, in Poland herrings are a typical and much-loved delicacy at Christmas time. They can be served in oil, cream or jelly and usually to an age-old family recipe. The Christmas Eve meal is the most important for residents of Poland; often twelve dishes are served, and it is customary for each guest to taste at least a little bit of each one. The menu often reflects the multicultural heritage of the country with Jewish, Polish, German and Lithuanian dishes making an appearance.


Where does Mulled Wine come from?

Mulled Wine seems to be reminiscent of Hypocrase, a festive wine sweetened and spiced which dates all the way back to 1500s Greece! The tudor recipe is the most similar to what we drink now, whilst Gluhwein is the German and Austrian variety. In fact, heated and spiced red wine is pretty much staple festive fare in most European countries, from Spain to Russia.

What about Advent Calendars?

Advent calendars appear to date back to the mid-19th Century when German protestants would use candles or chalk drawings to count down the days until Christmas. Until fairly recently there would be an image or bible verse behind each door, but chocolate has – of course – become the norm now. And it’s not just cheap chocolate taking the spotlight (although that’s sometimes the fun of it) – check out this incredible £99 advent calendar from chocolatiers Cocoa Cabana!

Want something a little different? Have a look at these adorable DIY advent calendars that you can copy at home.



For many of us it’s hard to imagine a Christmas without – well, being cold. But in the Southern Hemisphere December is the height of summer and most Australian families have given up on serving a traditional hot roast dinner. Instead, they eat outside and enjoy barbecues, serve cold ham and other meats, and often skip Christmas Pudding in favour of a festive ice cream! Rum and raisin, anyone?


There are so many weird and wonderful Christmas traditions across the globe (try some of these on for size!), but whether herring or ice cream ends up on your plate, we’ve got your chocolates covered. Check out our latest Christmas deals including our gift packs of three tubes and a dozen decadent mulled wine truffles.

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