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Downloadable Chocolates!

By: Michael Williams in our story 5 Comments

Davenport’s Chocolates Launch Innovative and Affordable Chocolate 3D Printer

Chocolate 3D printers have been around for a while. Stated simply, if you can pipe or extrude a material then you can 3D print it. (Honestly; just Google / Youtube it.) The potential for food production has long been investigated and developed. Who doesn’t want a Star Trek style food replicator? Now Davenport’s Chocolates are hoping to corner at least a niche part of that market – printable luxury chocolates. A long time advocate of handmade craftsmanship and previous champion of all things artisan, head chocolatier – Jane Williams explained the change:

We are very proud of our artisan roots and training in such a wonderful craft as chocolate making, but we have always striven to be an innovative business and felt it was time to look to the future. We’re really excited about the potential.

With the success of trading online and the complexities of distribution, Davenport’s are going digital in their distribution to cut out the tiresome waiting for next day deliveries! The “Choco-tron” aims to offer an affordable 3D printer with basic component ingredients such as chocolate, fondant, praline etc. These components would then be combined by downloading different chocolate varieties from the Davenport’s website.

We feel sure that downloading chocolates will be appreciated by our customers; saving them time. I’m sure kids (and adults) will love watching the Choco-tron print the chocolates.

The Choco-tron 2000 is aimed to retail at £399, but we are looking at offering customers monthly contract plan options, much like a mobile phone. These would include the Choco-tron free of charge and cover maintenance and refills of consumables (the all important chocolate, fondant, caramel, praline etc) depending on the size of the contract.

To stop chocoholics being tempted to open up their Choco-tron the ingredients are supplied in sealed units much like printer cartridges. Ever concerned with sustainability, these will be re-fillable. Much work has gone into making sure Davenport’s Chocolatier’s recipes are safe – the downloadable files that operate the Choco-tron are 128bit encrypted and can only be read by the Choco-tron. Also, more specific flavour oils and other specialist ingredients are synthesized freshly at the point of printing by complex sub-space field harmonics. (No, we don’t understand either! But we’re in the hands of our tech developers at this point – Ed.).

Davenport’s are looking to partner with a forward-thinking packaging production company to be able to produce gift boxes via a similar method. Though the Choco-tron is still in development the future looks chocolatey! Watch this space.

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5 Responses

  1. Dee Jital says:

    Looks great, Well done you guys! Sick of waiting for the post to arrive and then never being in when they come.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s still in the development phase but we’re excited already. If you’re signed up to our mailing list, you’ll be first to know when the Choco-tron is released.

  2. G. Rumpy says:

    So sad to see this happen – really value the handmade, artisan nature of your creations at present. Won’t be making the move to this machine. It feels like how I felt about Kraft takeover of Cadbury all over again.

    • Sorry to hear you feel that way. Let me assure you that the recipes will still be crafted by Davenport’s chocolatiers, and the quality of the ingredients will not change in anyway.

  3. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We’re still in the development phase of this – so any comments that might help shape this project would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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