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Temperamental Chocolate: The Art of Tempering

By: Jane Williams in how to..., technical

I started to make chocolates at home when I was about 8. To my shame, my first endeavours were with ‘cooking chocolate’; a very stable and easy medium to work with – mostly because it’s not really chocolate. It contains vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter, and still tastes a bit chocolatey but the texture is rough and […]


Top Tips for the Perfect Picnic

By: Bridget Hamilton in Events, Food and Drink

Up in the North East, it looks as if the weather may brighten up just in time for July. And as last week was National Picnic Week – a celebration of the great outdoors, comfy blankets, and innovative ways to store potato salad – we’ve compiled our top tips for a spread that’s spot on. Get […]


Why is Vintage So in Vogue?

By: Bridget Hamilton in our story
Davenports Chocolates Vintage and Polaroids

Whether it’s a ‘Make Your Own Bunting’ workshop or buying outfits exclusively from Oxfam, there’s no doubt about it – we love all things vintage. But where did the obsession stem from? Ahead of our Fathers’ Day #VintageDad competition, we took a look at three of the reasons behind one of this decade’s biggest trends. The […]


Jane Williams – Story of a Chocolatier

By: Michael Williams in our story
Huge Cup of Hot Chocolate

Jane Williams (nee Davenport) has worked as a professional chocolatier since September 2000. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, gleaning much from a wider European dedication to chocolate. Not only has she visited various chocolatiers and exhibitions in the course of her work, she has also previously lived in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Extremely passionate […]

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