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Great Chocolates of the North

By: Jane Williams in Food and Drink, our story

When I heard that the Great Exhibition of the North would be coming to Newcastle in 2018, I felt inspired to create chocolates celebrating the heritage of the region. These events only come round once in a life time, the last time it came to town was 1929. I am also celebrating a personal anniversary, […]


Raspberries & Roses: A Roulade Recipe for Summer

By: Jane Williams in how to..., recipes

Every June, a pink climbing rose grows up the side of my parent’s house in Marlow. During my teenage years, I would particularly remember the raspberry scent of these ‘Albertine’ roses as I walked down the side of the house into the garden. For me, it is evocative of summer parties in the garden, Marlow […]


Jane Williams – Story of a Chocolatier

By: Michael Williams in our story

Jane Williams (nee Davenport) has worked as a professional chocolatier since September 2000. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, gleaning much from a wider European dedication to chocolate. Not only has she visited various chocolatiers and exhibitions in the course of her work, she has also previously lived in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Extremely passionate […]

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