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Corporate Event Presentations by Artisan Chocolatiers.

Would your event benefit from a talk or presentation by a professional chocolatier? Whether you are entertaining clients or rewarding staff, Davenport's Chocolates have a range of exciting distractions:

"Story of a chocolatier" | Hear Jane Williams tell of her journey to her dream job, and her great privilege in training under a second generation Swiss chocolatier.

"Chocolate History" | From the Aztec and Mayan origins of chocolate, and the growth of understanding of its qualities in recent European history, to the developments in technology that have shaped the chocolate that we all appreciate today.

"Chocolate is the new wine" | As appreciation of fine food grows in the UK, people are becoming ever more discerning in their choice of chocolate. Learn about our part in the emerging artisan chocolate revolution!

"Educate your palette" | Be guided through tasting of a range of chocolates. Learn 'what makes great chocolate great?' and how to recognise it.

Any of the presentations above can be combined or tailored to your requirements.

What PEOPLE say about our corporate events...

Michelle Patterson

Open Studio PR event

I thoroughly enjoyed the Press and PR Event. Having a tour of the factory, the opportunity to take photos and ask questions alongside free samples, and having the experience of decorating an Easter egg and then wrapping it, really gave a hands-on and informative approach as to what is involved in artisan chocolate making. From seeing the team together it was clear that you all share a passion for the business, and after leaving the factory I actually felt quite moved as it is clear that the chocolates are made with love. Overall I'd say the whole experience was fantastic and it shone through that the team were really enthusiastic about the products.

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