The Team at Davenports Chocolates

Meet Team "Chocolate" at Davenport's Chocolates.

Staff are much of what defines a business. Doubly so for a niche artisan company, and our chocolate team are very important to us. Multi-skilled folk with a passion for chocolate are the driving force for the gift boxes of handcrafted chocolates that are enjoyed by many a discerning chocolate lover, up and down the UK.

We're not a faceless, business with a mechanised production line – every task is completed by hand. All performed by a team who care that our customers value the artisan nature of our chocolates. We want you to feel you can get to know who is involved in every step of making your chocolates. Click the images above to view peoples profiles.

Interested in working at Davenport's Chocolates? If you have a passion for handmade chocolates and think you have the skills-set to fit in to our team; we'd love to hear from you. We're not recruiting right now, but we always keep any submissions from potential candidates on file for future reference.

Michael Williams | Co-founder

Former fine art graduate with a background in print and design, Michael runs his own freelance design consultancy – when he's not busy co-directing Davenport's Chocolates. Has been with the company since its formation and is a decreasingly-silent partner – a position aided in no small part due to the fact that he is married to Jane Williams (head chocolatier and founder of Davenport's Chocolates).

When the need arises he can still be found in the packing department folding lids to a competitively high standard (convinced he still holds the company record for speed). He is also the office I.T. Manager, tech-support assistant, systems analyst, janitor & part-time sanitary engineer (he sometimes empties the bins).

He is not known for making the tea.

Direct contact:

Jenny Wigglesworth | Chocolatier

Next to Jane and Michael, Jenny has been with the company the longest (or at least the most times over the longest period of time)! Back in 2008 Jenny was keen to learn the craft of a chocolatier and secured a position as Jane's first apprentice and Davenport's first employee. Having twice moved on from Davenports to pursue philanthropic work on temporary appointments at various churches nationally and internationally - she can't seem to get away from chocolate for long.

A skillful all-rounder; Jenny is a trained chocolatier, but excels equally in the packing department. On any given day she can be found turning her hand to studiously folding, filling and ribboning gift boxes. Or mixing recipes, enrobing, decorating and packing our handcrafted chocolates.

Bizarrely, she prefers a hot water over any beverage in the tea / coffee / hot chocolate debate. Maybe it's to cleanse the palette between chocolates?

Ethan Williams | Mini Chocolatier

Ethan has been with the company for as long as he can remember. With his parents jointly owning the business, Ethan is often found at the "tocktee factee" - either sampling the chocolate buttons in production or making a den from spare boxes in the packing department. Always enthusiastic and full of boundless energy, Ethan will happily 'help' with whatever tasks need doing. And some that don't.

His favourite beverage is hot chocolate. (We're so proud!).

Direct contact: Ethan is currently away from the office. God willing, he will be available at such a time as he is old enough to manage the company.

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