...the chocolate equivalent of a haute couture fashion designer, a cross between the bold sophistication of Karl Lagerfeld and the rebelliousness of Alexander McQueen...

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Head Chocolatier Jane Williams, husband Michael and their team down tools to celebrate another milestone in their growing artisan business, which delivered its first orders in 2007.

PublicationTaste Magazine

TitleA Time to Celebrate

Date08 October 2015

Whatever happens on the courts, there's always something to celebrate.

PublicationThe Taster

TitleArtisan Chocolatiers Are Onto a Wimbledon Winner

Date01 July 2015

It's hard to imagine a job better than the one Jane Williams does, It involves chocolate - and lots of it...


TitleLife is Sweet

Date04 December 2014

Once upon a time, the likes of strawberry, lime, coffee and fudge were miraculously combined with chocolate.

PublicationHarrogate Advertiser

TitleVintage Collection review

Date25 July 2012

Mick Whitworth selects our NEW Vintage collection as his choice product for July.

PublicationFine Food Digest

TitleEditor's Choice

Date11 July 2012

Charlotte Pears-Wallace has taken her passion for the sweet stuff a bit further and now has the job of her dreams. (meet our new apprentice)

PublicationNorthern Echo

TitleCharlie & the Chocolate Factory

Date19 April 2011

VISITORS to next month’s Taste food and drink festival at the Metrocentre, Gateshead, will be the first to try out a new range of artisan chocolates with a nostalgic flavour.


TitleTaste at Metrocentre

Date28 September 2010

9am: Arrive at the studio, walking in to a lovely aroma of chocolate that reminds me I have one of the nicest jobs!

PublicationFood Local Food

TitleA Day in the Life of...

Date20 July 2010

ARTISAN chocolatier Jane Williams spreads joy wherever she goes, especially at Easter time, as KATHARINE CAPOCCI discovers.


TitleChocs Away

Date28 March 2010

Try at home, chocolate recipes from Jane Williams.


TitleChocolate Recipes

Date28 March 2010

Her passion is creating flavours to appeal to a new gourmet generation.

PublicationFood Quarter

TitleThe Sweet Life

Date08 March 2010

IN THE MIX. Food Quarter interviews Jane Williams.

PublicationFood Quarter

TitleIn the Mix

Date08 March 2010

Willy Wonka she isn't. Jane trained under a Swiss master chocolatier.

PublicationNorth East Exclusive

TitleLife is Sweet

Date17 March 2008

The chocolate equivalent of a haute couture fashion designer, Jane’s work can perhaps best be described as a cross between the bold sophistication of Karl Lagerfeld and the rebelliousness of Alexander McQueen.


TitleFairy tale world of Jane Williams

Date22 February 2008

Jane's creations are delicious and really complement the style, ambience and flavours that already exist at Blackfriars.


TitleChocolate Heaven at Blackfriars

Date08 February 2008

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