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...each contemporary, hand ribboned gift box contains a range of classic tastes and textures with a modern twist. Our signature collection of milk and dark chocolates has always been well received...

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    Our original and now classic selection, which combines beautiful traditional recipes with sumptuous new flavours and textures. With only the very best ingredients, these artisan chocolates offer a feast of experience for the discerning palate.

  • Jan-doo-yah

    An elegant praline of roasted hazelnuts and caramelised sugar, blended with a delightful milk chocolate to give a sophisticatedly smooth finish.

  • Cinnamon Toffee Apple

    A creamy toffee with a childhood twist of cinnamon and apple, enrobed in milk chocolate and finished with a pearlescent copper drop of white chocolate.

  • Rasperry & Rose

    Inspired by a rose with a wonderful bouquet of raspberries, this truffle beautifully marries the essence of an English garden with the rich indulgence of dark chocolate.

  • Fudge Brique

    Fresh butter and dairy cream blended to create a no-nonsense brique of old fashioned fudge, a golden buttery mouthful.

  • Franzipan

    Sumptuous almond marzipan and crisp amaretti biscuit fragments enrobed in rich, dark chocolate, topped with crystals of raw sugar; a fusion of taste and texture.

...a rich dark chocolate couverture that isn't bitter and a creamy milk chocolate with slight caramel notes are carefully balanced to bring out the best taste from the sumptuous centers of our handmade chocolates...

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A beautiful collection of artisan chocolates; Raspberry & Rose Truffle, Cinnamon Toffee Apple, Jan Doo Yah Praline, Franzipan, Fudge Brique. Each a wonderful meld of taste and texture.

  • Jan-doo-yah Praline
  • Cinnamon Toffee Apple
  • Rasperry & Rose
  • Fudge Brique
  • Franzipan

Signature Collection

signature collection

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4 stars

Arthur Nonymous

It wer right lovely! And other stuff that is generally a good recommendation and would allay another customers fears about purchasing from a relatively unknown brand.

5 stars

Anne Other

Second glowing review about them there lovely chocolates goes here. Thanks to davenports chocolates I now have friends - and I'm back in regular school!! Thanks Davenports!

2 stars

Mr G Rumpy

To be honest I would find fault in anything, and the result of this review is that other folks will think I am an idiot and it will serve to re-enforce their oppinion (or at least the common opinion that is represented in these reviews overall). That said this also forms a test case to see if the div expands when the review is sufficiantly long as this one probably is by now. I'm not sure though... how about now? Thought so.


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