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...grab a variety of sweet treats (and a bargain!) with our gift tube trio packs of chocolate gingers, orangettes and port & lemon jellies...

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...both the glaced orange rind and flesh are used in our unique take on orangettes, to create a perfectly balanced bitter-sweet mouthful. Each one is then induvidually hand painted with an exquisite pearlesent sheen...

Striking & unique

...for some the combination of ginger and dark chocolate is a British classic. We haven't added anything that shouldn't be there - just the finest crystalized stem ginger and a double coating of our rich, dark chocolate...

Classic & simple
dark chocolate

...handmade in small batches to a traditional recipe using natural apple pectin rather than gelatin. A full bodied, vintage port and fresh lemons allow these two jellies to perfectly complement one another...

Refreshingly new
Port & Lemon

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Grab a variety of treats (and a bargain!) with our gift tube trio pack. Port and lemon jellies, dark chocolates Orangettes, dark chocolate gingers.

  • Port & Lemon Jellies
  • Orangettes
  • Gingers

Port and lemon, Orangette, Ginger

Tube Trio Pack

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