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...for some the combination of ginger and dark chocolate is a British classic. We haven't added anything that shouldn't be there - just the finest crystalized stem ginger and a double coating of our rich, dark chocolate...

...available in our elegant gift tubes or our hand ribboned gift boxes. A wonderful gift for any fan of the pure, classic combination of ginger and rich dark chocolate...

...succulent, crystallised pieces of the finest stem ginger, married with a double enrobing of rich, dark chocolate...

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Succulent, crystallised pieces of Australian stem ginger, married with a double enrobing of rich, dark chocolate.

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5.0 stars
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What PEOPLE say about our Gingers...

5 stars

June 2019

These were bought for same friend and she thought these were lovely too. Will be looking at site again when it's time for more presents.

5 stars

May 2019

These chocolates are like no other ones very special and I never tire of them would recommend them to any one such variety of flavours but the ginger are my favourite, Also they are made in England got to be good x

5 stars

April 2019

I love ginger flavour in anything, these chocolates were fantastic and were another selection of chocolates with a great balance of flavour!


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