Intense & earthy
Buttonettes coffee compliments a full flavoured dark chocolate in these delightful chocolate buttons. The perfect "get-up-and-go" morning chocolate...

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...the childhood classic chocolate button re-invented for adults! In our stylish gift tubes they are perfect for so many occasions...

Serving suggestions:

  • Simply serve on an elegant plate as a accompaniment to after dinner coffees.

  • Stir a few into a hot chocolate for a rich mochaccino.

  • Rich dark chocolate and an intense coffee - the perfect 'morning' chocolate!

...tiny droplets of dark chocolate infused with the strong, earthy flavours of roasted coffee...

davenports davenports davenports

Tiny droplets of dark chocolate infused with the intense, earthy flavours of roasted coffee.

  • Mocha Buttonettes

Mocha Buttonettes

Mocha Buttonettes

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5.0 stars
Customers rating from 2 reviews.

What PEOPLE say about our Mocha Buttonettes...

5 stars

February 2021

These are delicious - a great mix of dark chocolate with an immediate hit of a hint of coffee. Perfect with a cup of coffee after lunch.

5 stars

September 2020

These are delicious! Beautiful combination of coffee and chocolate, not too sweet, impossible to stop eating them!


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